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Higher Education in Bengal Under the British Rule


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ISBN : 8170204488


Author : J. Ghosh


Pages : 242 pp


Year of Publishing : 1989


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The Higher Education in Bengal under British Rule deals with the turmoil and trouble the British underwent to establish a system of education for Indians which would meet the aspirations of the Indians and also the needs of the British. The theme is important because that system served as the foundation on that system served as the foundation on which the current Education system rests. The author, J. Ghosh, has organised his material in three chapte The book opens with the system of education known as orientalism, initiated by Warren Hustings. Then it proceeds to the western system education and how this system was modified to suit Indian contentions. Then it examines how far it is a synthesis of orientalism and western education. Educationists and others connected with education shall find this book very useful for their work.

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