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Healing Power of Mind

A Treatise on Mind


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ISBN : 8129203762


Author : A. J. Smith


Pages : 160 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

The mind-cure is just now exciting a great deal of public interest. Within these last few years several books have been published on the subject, and we have decided to add to the number. Our reasons for doing so are, that we hold some views different from any that have hitherto been printed, and, further, we wish to place before readers certain facts and principles that will enable them to successfully treat themselves. We have given several chapters on subjects that have a bearing upon, and are intimately related to, mental healing. These chapters are intended in some instances to be more suggestive than exhaustive, but we are nevertheless led to believe that they will in all cases prove instructive.

“Mental healing,” “mind-cure,” “metaphysical science,” or by whatever name it may be known, is not a new system. In all ages of the world there have been persons who have cured diseases that learned medical practitioners have pronounced incurable. These cases have been affected by the power of mind, and we are confident from our own experience, that the more this invisible agent is brought to bear upon the human system, the less sickness and suffering we shall have in the world.

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