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The People, their History and Culture


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ISBN : 8177555235


Volumes : Set in 5 Volumes


Author : K. M. Jhaveri


Pages : 2100 pp


Year of Publishing : 2002


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

“If anyone can do it, the Gujaratis can” Chidanand Rajghatta (in Indian Express)

The Gujaratis have a long historical and cultural tradition dating back to the days of the Harappan civilization established by relics found at Lothal. Situated on the western part of the Indian sub-continent, Gujarat derives its name `Gujaratta’ meaning the land of Gurja The Gurjars passed through the Punjab and settled in some parts of Western India, which came to be known as Gujarat. According to the Hindu epics, Lord Krishna and his elder brother Balarama, evacuated Mathura and established themselves at Kushasthali, now known as Dwarka and started what is known as the Yadava dynasty. Dwarka subsequently became one of the four seats (mathas) set up by Adi Shankaracharya. The Parsees when they fled from Iran in the eighth century first landed at Sanjan on the shores of Gujarat with the holy flame, which still burns in Udwada in Valsad. The Muslim influence left its lasting imprints on the local art and architecture and it came to be known as the Indo-Saracenic style. Among the earliest Europeans in Gujarat were the Portuguese who settled in Diu, a small island off the southern coast of Saurashtra. After that came the British who set up warehouses in Surat in 1612. Gujarat was a part of the erstwhile Mumbai state during the British Rule. But in 1960, the `Gujarati’ population decided to secede from that union, which resulted in the formation of two new states, namely Gujarat and Maharashtra. The new State of Gujarat came into existence on May O1, 1960 because of this bifurcation.

This reference work is an extended introduction to this vibrant and vivacious community. Arranged thematically, it providesa glimpse into the history, culture, traditions, politics, and literature of the Gujaratis.

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