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Gujarat and the Gujaratis


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ISBN : 8177550292


Author : S. M. Eastwick


Pages : 250 pp


Year of Publishing : 2001


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The content and subject matter of this small ans fascinating book can best be described in the author’s own words when he says, “…if you care to have a freshaccount of, perhaps, the least known but most interesting parts of the Indian nation, of the inner life of an important people, their habits, customs, manners, the moral and social forces at work among them then you are welcome to these pages, such as they are. You will have to be content with rough, hasty sketches, but generally taken on the spotsketches from reallife. I would not promise you much of system and order—because, you see, this is not an Official Report. Many of these sketches appeared, at the time, in the Bombay Review, and are all the better for having received a few touches here and there from the very able and accomplished editor. These sketches, and a few more contributed to other papers, are here put into shape, intermixed with extracts from letters to friends and the contents of a rough diary—all strung together on a rather slender narrative thread.”

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