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Essays in Literary Interpretation


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ISBN : 9788130718057


Author : Mable, H.W.


Pages : 192 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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“Mr. Andrew Lang, in a recent article on the Greek Anthology, reminds us that in many of these fragments of a rich and varied literature we come upon lines full of the modern spirit. The large objective manner of the earlier poets has given place to an introspective mood significant of a deepening self-consciousness, and the remote epic themes have been succeeded by subjects more intimate and personal. It is true that no period of literature is wholly destitute of glimpses into familiar life, of disclosures of personal experience; but when the epic and the drama are in the ascendant, these are incidental and subordinate. The great emotions and convictions are presented in types and symbols; multitudes of persons are represented by colossal figures; the range and compass of whose lives create an impression of university”. – Excerpt from Essays in Literary Interpretation

– Some Aspects of Modern Literature
– Personality in Literary Work
– The Significance of Modern Criticism
– The Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
– Robert Browning
– John Keats: Poet and Man
– Some Modern Readings from Dante
– A Word about Humour

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