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English Works of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

With an English translation of Tuhfatul Muwahhiddin


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ISBN : 8170203872


Volumes : Set in 4 Volumes


Author : J. C. Ghosh


Pages : 1600 pp


Year of Publishing : 1986


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

All earnest attempts at reform, whether religious, social, political or of any other description, are based on faith in the ultimate triumph of truth, justice and humanity. This is an essential element in religious belief. One finds, therefore, Raja Rammohan Roy, the first all-round reformer in Modern India, “above all and beneath all a religious personality. The many and far-reaching ramifications of his prolific energy were forth-putting of one purpose. The root of his life was religion. He would never have been able to go so far or to move his countrymen so mightily as he did but for the driving power of an intense theistic passion.”

As in his life so in his writings, religion occupies the formost place. His writing on religious subjects are the most important and most voluminous. Professor Monier Williams spoke of him as the first really earnest investigator in the science of comparative theology, which the world has produced. His love for social purity and regeneration of human values was the mainspring of his religious writing and advancement of philosophy. The publishers very proudly present here Raja Rammohun Roy’s English works of intense value.

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