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Encyclopaedia of Asian History

Phase I


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ISBN : 307 0452 8


Volumes : Set in 15 Volumes


Author : Alexander Cunningham


Pages : 6832 pp


Year of Publishing : 2006


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Asia, with its burgeoning, ethnically diverse population, soaring economies, and nuclear weapons, is an increasingly important region in the global context. The series, which builds on this complex, dynamic and volatile area, features original works of reference devoted to the countries of the region providing an innovative research material on the region as a whole or on the countries. Its scope extends to scholarly works drawing on history, politics, sociology and economics of individual countries from the region. In terms of theory and method, rather than basing itself on any one orthodoxy, the series draws broadly on the insights germane to area studies. This thematically organized reference work is a rare collection of detailed volume that “concentrate on civilizations that arose east of the Caspian Sea,” from modern Afghanistan and the Aral Sea south to India and Sri Lanka and east to Japan, Korea, and the islands of Southeast Asia.
A sound companion for any serious study of the Asian History, this is a good beginning point for research, especially in regard to the development of these countries and their social structures. The series is quite suitable for most public and academic library collections and for all those colleges with a focus on world or ancient history.

Volumes in Phase I

1. Ladak. Physical, Statistical and Historical – Alexander Cunningham

2. Java. with Illustrations and Vignettes  J. F. Scheltema

3. History of Burma – G. E. Harvey & R. C. Temple

4. History of Ceylon  M. G. Francis

5. A History of Afghanistan – Percy Sykes

6. China, D. C. Boulger

7. History of Corea. Ancient and Modern – John Ross

8. Sketches from Formosa – W. Campbell

9. The Modern History of Japan – W. G. Beasley

10. The History of Kambuja-Desa. (Modern Cambodia) – R. C. Majumdar

11. A History of Siam – W. A. R. Wood

12. A History of the Philippines – David P. Barrows

13. An Historical, Political, and Satatistical Account of Mauritius. And Its Depemdencies – Charles Pridham

14. A History of Nepal. The Country and its People – M. S. S. Singh & P. S. Gunanda

15. History of India – W. W. Hunter

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