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Darvishes, or Oriental Spiritualism


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ISBN : 8129200549


Author : John P. Brown


Pages : 520 pp


Year of Publishing : 2002


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

DARVISHES is an in valuable contribution to the study of the Belief and spiritual principles of the Darvish Orders and is perhaps one of the rare (if not the only) and most accurate reference work on the subject. Drawn exclusively from the original Oriental works, and from Turkish, Arabic, and Persian MSS., the originality and authenticity of the work is beyond doubt. In this illustrated volume, John P. Brown combines his research into Darvish doctrines and history, with an account of the spiritual and metaphysical significance of Sufism as a living tradition. He has treated all the most important features of these mystical people with a degree of profundity and understanding rarely to be found among modern writings.

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