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Kashf Al-Mahjub

The Oldest Persian Treatise on Sufism by Ali B. Uthman Al-Jullabi Al-Hujwiri


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ISBN : 9788130711874


Author : Translated from Persian by Reynold A. Nicholson


Pages : 567 pp


Year of Publishing : 2012


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Kashf Al-Mahjub of Al-Huhwiri: The Revelation of the Veiled : An Early Persian Treatise on Sufism . A Sufi classic here translated from Persian by Professor Nicholson (Translator of the Mathnawi amongst other things) needless to say, when you know that this is the same person who has translated the Mathnawi you know that it is a reliable translation. The book itself deals with the principles of Sufism, some early and later day Sufi masters along with some of the original Sufi orders, their names, meanings behind their names and practices. An interesting and useful work on Sufism well translated.

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