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Yoga Lessons for Developing Spiritual Consciousness


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ISBN : 8129202376


Author : Swamie A. P. Mukerji


Pages : 200 pp


Year of Publishing : 2009


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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If we study the action of mind upon mind, of mind over matter, of mind over the human body, we may realize how “each man is a power in himself”. Life is a series of awakenings. Ideas dawn upon the mind from time to time, are caught up by brain and body and fins physical expression as acts. Our outward life with its environment is fitted to our inward development. Wealth, position, fame, power, all these are the simple expressions of individual character.

This treatise exposes the readers to the essential truths of the being and the ways and methods of developing the consciousness to the level of being able to migrate to a higher spiritual level.

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