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Unveiling of Lhasa

High Adventure in Tibet


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ISBN : 8170201861


Author : F. Chandler


Pages : 326 pp


Year of Publishing : 1992


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The history of travelers to Lhasa forms a literature to itself. Until the end of 18th century only physical obstacles stood in the way of an entry to the Tibetan Capital. The first European to reach Lhasa was Friar Oderic of Portenon in 1325 but an authentic record was left by Fathers Grueber and D’Orville who penetrated into Tibet and reached Lhasa in 1661 by Sining route. The first Englishman to reach the city was Thomas Manning who was followed by numerous travelers till Colonel Young husband rode through the city on August 4, 1904. This is an extremely fascinating story in itself.

Edmund Chandler was a member of the Tibetan expedition of 1903-4 to Tibet. The expedition to Lhasa was full of interest not only on account of the political issues of the day involved between British India and Tibet on the one hand and India, China, and Russia on the other hand, but owing to the far reaching political, social and cultural issues involved. The primary aim of this book is to record an individual’s impression of this expedition and the rigorous of life they had to lead, the fantastic and gorgeous scenes of the Tibetan terrain, the strange people they met, fought and dealt with.

This book is a narrative of the journey and the author has very meticulously observed the local inhospitable terrain. He has much to say about the Vicissitudes of the climate-frozen heights and sweltering valleys, the traditional trade routes from India to Tibet, the Lamas and their way of life, the mystery of the Tibetan religious scriptures etc.

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