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The Story of Civilization


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ISBN : 9788130714608


Volumes : Set in 9 Volumes 21 Parts


Author : Will & Ariel Durant


Pages : 9000 pp


Year of Publishing : 2021


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Will Durant’s purpose in writing STORY OF THE CIVILIZATION was not to create a definitive scholarly production but to make a large amount of information accessible and comprehensible to the educated public in the form of a comprehensive “composite history.” Given the massive undertaking in creating these volumes over 50 years, errors and incompleteness were inevitable by Durant’s own reckoning; but no other historical survey matches let alone exceeds the breadth and depth of his project.

Beautifully binded with golden leaf printing on the sides.
I. Our Oriental Heritage
II. The Life of Greece
III. Caesar and Christ
IV. The Age of Faith
V. The Renaissance
VI. The Reformation
VII. The Age of Reason Begins
VIII. The Age of Louis XIV
IX. The Age of Voltaire

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