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The Indian Encyclopaedia

Biographical, Historical, Religious, Administrative, Ethnological, Commercial and Scientific


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ISBN : 9788177552577


Volumes : Set in 25 Volumes


Author : Editor Subodh Kapoor


Pages : 8250 pp


Year of Publishing : 1999


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

It is common place to say of a great work that it is unique, and there would at first sight seem to be a peculiar presumption in making such a claim for an Indian Encyclopaedia. It may be claimed, however, without any fear of contradiction, that this work, THE INDIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA, has no rival in English Language.
It is indeed an extraordinary work. In it are listed 46,000 articles, all power-packed with knowledge. A fantastically large number of facts are integrated and systematically filed within it. This vast and magnificent Encyclopaedia offers a panoramic view of India, the subcontinent, and Asia, the continent: its land, its people and their culture, its industry and commerce, its sciences and arts; its rocks and minerals, its plants, vegetables and trees, its birds, insects and animals. As the contents of the Encyclopaedia will testify, it covers everything that is of interest, of import, of significance, of beauty, and of value including articles on almost all subject areas in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Pure and Applied Sciences. This is an Encyclopaedia for everyone. Historians, manufacturers, technologists, researchers in the fields of science and social sciences, students and teachers will find in it information which will greatly help them in their research work and higher pursuits of knowledge. For non-specialists too it offers at a glance the overall view of life as it was, and continues to remain and grow in this part of the world. Organised alphabetically, the work guide the user quickly to the required information, and related knowledge through an extensive system of cross-references.
The whole work runs in more than eight thousand pages, printed in double-column, and designed as a great source of time and energy saver in putting finger on a particular piece of information which was scattered in fragments in countless books or journals, documents, archival material, and otherwise unapproachable sources has been compressed in these pages in an accurate, compact and helpful manner. THE INDIAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA is an authentic treasure-house of names, titles, dates, articles, and discoveries. It presents an accurate and sophisticated narration of the information in all areas of Social and Scientific development. All the libraries in Schools and Colleges, Public libraries, Research Institutions, scholars, Offices and Homes will find this work an indispensable reference tool on their shelves.
Though focusing generally on India, the coverage of the Indian Encyclopaedia is wide indeed ranging from Russian Caucasus and Central Asia to Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and of course Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

* 25 handsomely bound volumes, each 286 × 234mm (11´´ × 9½´´ approx) a total of 8,250 pages, well designed and easy to use, in double column.
* 20 million words presenting a vast treasure house of facts and information.
* 46,000 entries in traditional A-Z order with subjects ranging from pre-history to present day pop music.
* Comprehensive cross-referencing system.
* Useful bibliographies suggesting further reading.
* Biographies of people, from ancient times to the modern world, whose influence has affected our lives.
* Tables and maps integrated with the text.
* Bound in durable Indian cotton cloth, resistant to moisture, head, and tail bands; spine rounded and backed; blocked in gold leaf, front and spine; sewn binding for strength.
* The Encyclopaedia has been produced by the latest printing technology. Computer-set, it uses a crisp and clear type face on fine fiber-rich paper for smooth and easy reading.
* The only major Indian encyclopaedia of this nature.

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