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The Hindus

The work is alphabetically organised covering over 750 subject areas connected with all aspects of Hindu History, Theology and Philosophy together with the relevant portions concerning its Anthropology, Mythology, Folklore, Psychology, Economics, Politics and Diplomacy, Sociology; and its Arts, Music, Dance, Architecture, Fine Arts. Also included are all significant areas concerning ancient Hindu Sciences like Mathematics, Astronomy, Geometry, Alchemy, Surgery, Medicine, Anatomy etc. New and Revised Edition


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ISBN : 8177550306


Volumes : Set in 5 Volumes


Author : Subodh Kapoor


Pages : 3600 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Hinduism has marched through the ages, almost unaffected by external onslaughts. The more one preys into and study the ancient civilization and culture of India, more one is struck by the gigantic dimensions, excellence and enduring character of Hindu traditions. Everything in India has been on a colossal scale; its mountains, rivers, its wealth-both spiritual and material – and its literature – Vedas, Vedanta, Upnishads, Epics, Dramas etc. They breathe the social, religious and cultural developments of ages. Hinduism has stood like a monument amidst the streams of invading hordes from time immemorial, nearly in the same form from those ages whose history is lost in the twilight of oblivion and mythical legend to the present day. It is the innate truths and intrinsic merit of Hinduism that has preserved its pristine glory from the ravages of time and misfortunes. The enormous volume of literature on the heritage and culture of the Hindus has not only created a demand for general work of reference, but has also made known the necessity for a Hindu Encyclopaedia of a more special character. It is against this background of challenge that this Encyclopaedia of Hinduism has been prepared, because it is not possible otherwise to have at our command the vast sources of learning which have accumulated over centuries. The present work is an attempt to meet the universally growing demand for a Hindu Encyclopaedia.

The contributors include some of the foremost and eminent names – both Indian and Foreign – who have devoted life times to the study of Hinduism. The Encyclopaedia contains articles on the religious traditions and customs, on every ethical movement of the Hindus, each philosophical idea, every moral and spiritual practice. All important personages, deities, and places as are famous in the whole spectrum of the Hindu history and its philosophical systems have been included. The Encyclopaedia thus endeavours to embrace the whole range of History, Theology and Philosophy, together with the relevant positions concerning its History, Anthropology, Mythology, Folklore, Psychology, Economics, Politics and Diplomacy, Sociology and its Arts, Music, Dance, Architecture and other Fine Arts.

The Encyclopaedia also covers interesting but neglected areas of ancient Hindu science like Mathematics, Astronomy, Geometry, Alchemy and Medicine including Surgery, Anatomy etc. The fascinating areas like the Hindu Marriage traditions, Wine and Drinking, Food, Gambling and Sports, Crafts and Handicraft also find ample space. The Encyclopaedia includes fascinating articles on issues like Language and Literature, Yoga and Meditation, Festivals and Fasts, and Sexuality and Erotica. The important eras (yugas) in which Hindus divide their history are treated with ample clarity by leading authorities. The Encyclopaedia of Hinduism is the first publication to satisfy the need for a vast introductory work in such a diverse field. The wide range of matter dealt with in these volumes presents the panoramic view of the civilization and the culture of Hindus in its different facets and in the different periods of history. Entries are placed in alphabetical order with cross references to their topics and entries where appropriate. Each entry is created in simple and easy to understand language summarizing the most important aspects of creative research and writings related to the specific topics. The bibliography at the end of each article suggests additional sources for more information. The value of the whole work is enhanced by a separate volume of a Hindu Dictionary which provides ready access to almost all conceivable personages, places, deities, gods or goddess that one is likely to encounter in studying THE HINDUS.

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