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The Âryabhatìa

A Manual of Astronomy. With Commentary Bhatadipika of Paramâdiçvara


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ISBN : 9788130712178


Author : H. Kern


Pages : 240 pp


Year of Publishing : 2012


Binding : Hard Bound



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Aryabhata is the earliest known Hindu writer on algebra, and, according to Colebrooke, “If not the inventor, the improver of that analysis,” which has made but little advance in India since. He was born, according to his own account, at Kusuma-pura (Patna), in A.D. 476, and composed his first astronomical work at the early age of twenty-three. His larger work, the Arya Siddhanta, was produced at a riper age. He is probably the Andubarius (Ardubarius?) of the Chronichon Paschale, and the Arjabahr of the Arabs. Two of his works, the Dasagiti-sutra and Aryashtasata, have been edited by Kern under the title of Aryabhatiya.

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