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Textbook in the Principles of Education


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ISBN : 9788130718637


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : Paul Monroe


Pages : 694 pp


Year of Publishing : 2021


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

“Paul Monroe was unquestionably one of the giants in American educational scholarship, and an educational historian (one of his former students) has spoken of him as “among those of the great pioneers and creators of the graduate study of education.”

Paul Monroe’s basic philosophy is admirably stated in the preface to the Textbook in the History of Education, “The needs of the student of the history of education are to acquire a sufficient body of fact concerning the educational practices of the past; to develop an ability to interpret that experience in order to guide his own practice; to exercise his judgment in estimating the relation existing between various theories and corresponding practices; and above all to obtain a conception of the meaning, nature and process, and purpose of education that will lift him above the narrow prejudices, the restricted outlook, the foible’s, and the petty trials of the average school man, and afford him the fundamentals of an everlasting faith as broad as human nature and as deep as the life of the race.” (pp. viii-ix)”

Excerpt from the Book Review of Paul Monroe’s greatest contribution to the field of Education, ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF EDUCATION, written by William W. Brickman and Francesco Cordasco, in the History of Education Quarterly, Published by Cambridge University Press

ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF EDUCATION has also been published by Cosmo including all of his important works.

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