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Religious Beliefs and Rituals


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ISBN : 8170208092


Author : S. M. Channa


Pages : 350 pp


Year of Publishing : 1998


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

• Aesthetics and Power in Pambin Tullal: A Possession Ritual of Rural Kerala.
• Bayu Utarnu: Ghost Exorcism and Sacrifice in Nepal.
• Dreams of Change: The Innovative Role of Altered States of Consciousness in Traditional Melanesian Religion.
• Faith, Fashion and Family: Religion, Aesthetics, Identity and Social Organization in Strasbourg.
• Flutes, Birds, and Hair in Hagen (PNG).
• Glancing: Visual Interaction in Hinduism.
• Meaningful God Sets from a Chinese Personal Pantheon and a Hindu Personal Pantheon.
• Priests, Carpenters, and Household Heads.
• Religion and Social Structure in The Division of Labor.
• Ritual and Southwest Asian Pastoralists: Implications of The Komachi Case.
• Sathya Sai Baba’s Magic.
• Social Communication in Dravidian Ritual.

Deborah. L. Neff • John N. Gray • Michele Stephen • Atwood D.Gaines • Andrew Strathern • Lawrence A. Babb •John M. Roberts • Chien Chiao • Triloki N.Pandey • Micheal Ashkenazi • Ernest Wallwork • Daniel A. Bradburd • Lawrence A. Babb • Bryan Pfaffenberger.

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