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Reconstruction in Philosophy


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ISBN : 9788130718835


Author : John Dewey


Pages : 220 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Written shortly after the shattering effects of World War I, John Dewey’s Reconstruction in Philosophy offers an insightful introduction to the concept of pragmatic humanism. The eminent philosopher presents persuasive arguments against traditional philosophical constructs, suggesting their basis in self-justification; instead, he proposes an examination of core values in terms of their ultimate effects on the self and others. Dewey’s experimental philosophy represented a significant departure from its predecessor, utilitarianism, and it was received with both outrage and acclaim for daring to mingle ethics and science.

Delivered in 1919 as a series of lectures at Tokyo’s Imperial University of Japan, Dewey’s landmark work appears here in an enlarged edition that features an informative introduction by the author, written more than 25 years after the book’s initial publication.

Book Reviews
“A modern classic. Dewey’s lectures have lost none of their vigor … The historical approach, which underlay the central argument, is beautifully exemplified in his treatments of the origin of philosophy.” — Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

“It was with this book that Dewey fully launched his campaign for experimental philosophy.” — The New Republic.

Reader Reviews
“There is no other thinker at this point in my life who can challenge and delight me the way Dewey does; his philosophy is deeply contemplative but also distinctly practical, and his insights reflect the intellectual milieu of his particular moment in time (early 20th century) while also addressing perennial problems that hamper human communities regardless of their place in history”. Miles in “goodreads”

“My favorite philosophers. In this text, he radically reconstructs Western philosophy, dissolving problematic dualisms and calling out the problems–that have preoccupied boring philosophers for far too long-as pseudo-problems, which really have no relevance to what is going on today”. Mindy in “goodreads”

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