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Principles of Occult Healing

A Practical Hypothesis which includes all Cures


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ISBN : 8129203328


Author : Burnett


Pages : 146 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

The hour of Occult Medicine has come. For the world is face to face with a new movement in Therapeutics. An insistent, increasing, persevering demand is arising for investigation into the hidden side of the Health law; for a fuller, clearer light upon the Truth of Health itself.

On the other hand, materialistic medical science declares that healing other than by physical remedies is not practical; that the cited cases of occult healing – where the disease is obscure, and the remedies used cannot be measured and handled – are not subject to fixed laws, and therefore that such cases are wholly outside the domain of scientific investigation. This ultimatum is supposed to prelude further discussion.

But these so-called “un-scientific” healings have occurred and are continually occurring; so there must be in this world, admittedly built and sustained by law, a law governing these cures. It is in the hope of helping to find a basis for the classification and scientific study of these many thousands of unclassified cures, to help to find the law of them, that this little book is written.

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