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Practical Occultism


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ISBN : 9788129203434


Author : Walter Winston Kenilworth


Pages : 240 pp


Year of Publishing : 2015


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

We cannot revert our minds these days, but we hear of the occult. Occultism, in various forms, is becoming in a tremendous and may be dangerous sense the fad of the world. The danger is evident in the important fact that the occult is so glibly handled by those who know it so little. There are those even like a child, ignorantly playing with fire, employ occultism for commercial and selfish purposes, and hourly curse themselves through the law of reflection. They invariably become neurasthenic.

Occultism, in no sense, signifies the tinkling of astral bells, the gibberings of earthbound souls, and similar mob-attracting phenomena. The greatest occultist is the greatest child; the greatest occult vision, the vision of the spirit; the greatest occult deed and rarest, the unselfish deed. Thrice blessed by the Karmic Deities are such who, in unison with the True White Brotherhood, per-form the simplest act of kindness, and employ the higher senses and the soul-faculties in a simple, humble spirit for the benefit of the fellow-man.

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