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Position of Women in Indian Life


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ISBN : 9788130700948


Author : Maharani of Baroda & Mitra, S. M.


Pages : 400 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Long before the feminist movement became manifest in India and even elsewhere and at a time when the word gender was unknown as a concept, this remarkable book was written by an aristocratic Hindu lady that embodies much of the ideals that have invaded the present-day world at all levels. What is remarkable about this volume written by the Maharani of Baroda in the early part of the last century is the modernity of ideas and the range of her knowledge.

Starting from what became later a popular debate in gender studies about women’s participation in public life, she not only traces the history of women’s roles in ancient and medieval times, but also highlights the manner in which women could regain self-respect in Indian society. Her wisdom in understanding that roles must fit into a culture and society and whatever development is undertaken must fit in with existing social fabric is remarkable. She, along with her editor, S.M. Mitra, has packed this volume with valuable data and suggestions that have a remarkable contemporary relevance. One is exposed to data not only form India, but from Europe and even Japan.

For anyone interested in Women’s studies, gender, feminism sociology and development, this is a book that is valuable both for its historical data and its contemporary significance.

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