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Philosophy and Theology of Averroes


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ISBN : 9788130713854


Author : Mohammad Jamil-Ur-Rehman


Pages : 254 pp


Year of Publishing : 2012


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Mohammad Jamil-ur-Rehman became the first scholar to translate in English the two (commonly counted as three) tracts by Averroes, namely, (1) Fasl al-maqal wa-taqrir ma bayn al-aharia wa-l-hikma min al-ittisal, together with a short appendix concerning the eternal knowledge of God, and (2) al-Kashf an manahij al-adilla fi aqaid al-milla. These were first edited in 1859 by M. J. Muller, who also published a German translation. In these tracts Averroes deals openly and in some length with a subject which Mohammedan writers have almost untouched – the relation of philosophy to religion – and in view of the importance and general interest of what he has to say, a good English translation is indeed very welcome.

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