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Newspaper Editing

A Manual for Editors, Copyreaders, and Students of Newspaper Desk Work


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ISBN : 978813070384x


Author : Hyde, G. M.


Pages : 360 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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This is A MANUAL FOR EDITORS, COPY-READERS, AND STUDENTS OF NEWSPAPER DESK WORK by GRANT MILNOR HYDE, Instructor in Journalism in the University of Wisconsin; and author of “Newspaper Reporting and Correspondence”.

This book has been prepared as a manual for newspaper desk men and a textbook for editing classes in the schools of journalism. Although a number of good handbooks on journalism have appeared in the past few years, the writers of such books have been so interested in the needs of the reporter that they have rather generally neglected the copyreader – a man of even greater responsibilities. It is to fill this need – a need that has been impressed upon the author by five years’ experience as teacher of journalism that this book was written. And, just as in his ‘‘Newspaper Reporting and Correspondence,’’published three years ago, the author has not tried to cover the entire field of newspaper work, but has confined himself to the particular branch.

The intent of the book is not only to present the tools and methods of the copy editor but to show, as well, the interesting possibilities in his work. The method throughout the book, it may be added, is one that has grown out of classroom work. Little attempt is made to lay down rules. Rather, the effort has been to present the fundamentals of each kind of work and answer the questions that arise in the student’s mind.

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