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New Gresham World Encyclopaedia


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ISBN : 8170205018


Volumes : Set in 12 Volumes


Author : Rappoport & Patterson


Pages : 4000 pp


Year of Publishing : 1991


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Our world has seen vast changes since the first edition of “THE NEW GRESHAM WORLD ENCYCLOPAEDIA”. The two world wars have altered the destiny of millions; many country names and boundaries have disappeared and new one have taken their place. During this time science has advanced more than in all the preceding thousands of years of recorded human history.

But progress has brought problems. Man has walked on the moon, yet it can take thirty minutes to travel only a mile in our congested cities. Many diseases have been vanquished, yet new health problems have emerged. Technology, industry and widespread use of new sources of energy have ended drudgery for millions but at the risk of exhausting the earth’s limited resources and poisoning its atmosphere.

It is against this background of challenge and change that this edition of THE NEW GRESHAM WORLD ENCYCLOPAEDIA has been prepared to increase your knowledge and understanding of the past, present and future of the universe, our planet Earth and life on it.

THE NEW GRESHAM WORLD ENCYCLOPAEDIA brings you the most compact, comprehensive and economically priced reference work of its kind. The Encyclopaedia provides you with authoritative sources of facts and information. Its clear, straight forward style is free from jargon so that its depth and range of subject matter can be easily understood. In this way this set acts as a powerful educational force, maintaining the highest standards of scholarship.
The twelve volumes of this set amount to a private university incorporating the knowledge of hundreds of books. You won’t have to search laboriously through complicated reference volumes any more.
This set will help course of learning and knowledge.

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