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Music and Musical Instruments of the Arab

Introduction on How to Appreciate Arab Music


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ISBN : 9788130719672


Author : Salvador-Daniel, F.


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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“This is the first book on Arab music published in the English language, and may ‘supply a long-felt want’. The body of the book is a translation from F. Salvador-Daniel’s “La Musique Arabe.” With this work I have taken no liberties worth mentioning. Salvador’s “La Musique Arabe” remains (I hope) as he wrote it. With the aim of making this work as complete as possible, the present writer has contributed an additional section, “Notes on Arab Music,” where I many items of importance in Salvador’s work are elaborated, the results and conclusions of various authorities introduced and discussed in the light of modern research, with numerous illustrations of instruments and musical examples, amongst which will be found a complete Nouba. This section, together with the “Bibliography,” will be of considerable help to the student.” – Excerpts from the Translator’s Preface

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