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Modern Indian Architecture

Adapted to the Use of Artisans, Students, Builders, and Architects


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ISBN : 9788130716886


Author : Ishwar


Pages : 130 pp; 35 plts


Year of Publishing : 2016


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

In India are found buildings, both ancient and modern, of orders or types of architecture very different from what is seen in European cities. Many of the temples, palaces, &e., are of exceeding beauty, and the delicacy and intricacy of detail to be found in them cannot be surpassed in any other country in the world. Great strength and stability are also prominent in many of the various types of architecture to be met with in the extensive country known as India.

India is renowned for its rich material of all kinds required for building: stone, timber, and many of the metals being in abundance. As instances of both design and workmanship, we may mention the Taj Mahal and Emperor Akbar’s Mausoleum or Sikandra at Agra, the Dargah Salim Chisti at Fatehpur Sikri, the Jamma Masjid and Kutub Minar, at Delhi, and the Golden Temple at Amritsar. Also the Cave Temples in the Deccan, the Temple of Jaggannatha at Puri, in Orissa, and many others in all parts of the country.

T he exquisite beauty of many of the examples of Indian architecture has always attracted, and still continues to attract, lovers of Art from all parts of the world. Painters, sculptures and others come to gaze and wonder at the greatness of the intellect that designed the structures, and at the marvelous care and patience that must have been expanded in carrying out the designs.

This treatise introduces the readers to the intricacies of the architecture design and execution by the workers who executed these fine examples of architectural marvels.

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