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Medieval Mysticism of India


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ISBN : 9788130704218


Author : Kshitimohan Sen foreword by Rabindranath Tagore


Pages : 278 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The most important thing about India has been her religious and spiritual life. That she has made an effort to bring about a synthesis in the midst of diversities of various kinds has been the most prominent aspect of her history. From period to period this effort has been continued through successive generations of her great sadhakas.

This book is a journey of discovery, studying the sayings and doctrines of various sadhus that have been preserved by their followers or the keepers of many sectarian maths. The book also reviews the broad outlines of the history of the spiritual quest of medieval India. It is in this period that Indian mysticism saw a vigorous and marvelous development. RABINDRANATH TAGORE in his Foreword to the book write,

“The long course, which the stream of India’s cherished ideal has followed through the ages, has been traced in these lectures in all its major and minor branches by my esteemed colleague and friend, Professor Kshitimohan Sen. The natural genius for sadhana which is latent in the Indian people has been discovered in these lectures by Prof. Sen.”

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