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Manual on the Technique of Archaeological Excavations

Issued by the International Museums Office


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ISBN : 9788130716220


Pages : 240 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

In publishing this manual, the intention of the authors was to place in the hands of archaeologists, curators and national administrative departments, a practical guide in which they would find a description of the most recent field research work such as it is carried out in the different countries. This theoretical survey, however, needed to be implemented by concrete examples, and then completed by accounts of the practical application of the methods recommended in the manual. To meet this need and also to give effect to a recommendation formulated, the International Museums Office has opened a new section in its review Mouseion under the title: The Technique of Archaeological Excavations. Drafted as corollaries to this methodological treatise, which they will, so to speak, illustrate, the studies appearing in this new section will enable archeologists to keep themselves constantly informed on the various methods of prospection, sounding and exploration practiced on archeological sites.

Chapter I. — Preliminary documentation
Chapter II. — Methods for surveying archaeological sites
Chapter III. Material organisation of excavations
Chapter IV. Technical methods of excavation
Chapter V. The technique of prehistoric excavation
Chapter VI. Documentation during the excavation
Chapter VII. Excavation equipment
Chapter VIII. Supervision and maintenance of excavation fields and archaeological sites
Chapter IX. The conservation of archaeological groups and of the objects discovered
Chapter X. Laying out of excavation sites from the standpoint of research and the education of the public
Chapter XI. Problems relating to international documentation on archaeological excavation
Chapter XII. The scientific and technical training of excavators
Chapter XIII. Principles governing the organisation of archaeological services
Chapter XIV. Final Act of the International Conference on Excavations

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