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Loves of Krishna

In Indian Painting & Poetry


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ISBN : 9788130717142


Author : Archer


Pages : 222 pp; 54 Plates


Year of Publishing : 2016


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The Krishna of the Bhagavad Gita is clearly quite different in character from the Krishna of the milkmaids and, without some effort at reconciliation, the two must obviously present a baffling enigma. Indeed so great is the contrast that many people, entranced by the lover, might be astonished to hear of a more didactic role, while those who value the Gita might easily be disturbed on finding its author so daringly identified with the theory and practice of romantic love. The truth is that despite considerable acquaintance with Krishna as a name, few educated people, especially in the West, have intimate knowledge of his story. What, for example, were the circumstances in which Krishna was born and why did he enter the world Who were his parents and how did he come to live among cowherds? Who were Radha and Rukmini? In what ways did he love the milkmaids and why has this aspect of his story assumed such big proportions in Indian religion? Why, in fact, is God a romantic lover?

It is to remedy in part this situation that the author has most wonderfully marshalled the material given in this book. During the last two thousand years, various texts have dealt with Krishna, emphasizing first one and then another aspect of his character and in the process assembling more and more details. These texts are still revered by Indians and although they are the product of widely separated eras, all of By considering them in historical sequence, we can understand not only the subject-matter of romantic Indian painting but realize why Krishna, the adored lover, should still enchant religious India.

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