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Library Cataloguing


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ISBN : 9788130719177


Author : Quinn, J. H.


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Some years ago I prepared a Manual of Library Cataloguing, which met with more acceptance than was expected, and has been out of print for some time. Upon considering requests for a new edition, I concluded that a book upon somewhat different lines would be more likely to meet the present requirements of librarians and library assistants this volume is the result.

It is hoped that it will serve as a practical and useful introduction to the several codes of cataloguing rules. The statements made in it are not meant to be dogmatic, but they indicate the lines upon which good and accurate work is to be accomplished. As the illustrative examples were chosen from every-day books, and are worked out as simply as possible, they should be found useful by beginners; especially in preparing for the examinations of the Library Association in this subject.

J.H.Q. , Chelsea, London, S.W.

CHAPTER I: Introductory.
CHAPTER II: Short History of Modern Cataloguing.
CHAPTER III: Dictionary versus Classified Catalogues.
CHAPTER IV: Single Author Principal-Entry.
CHAPTER V: Joint-Authors.
CHAPTER VI: Books by more than Two Authors. Composite Books.
CHAPTER VII: Illustrated Books. Music.
CHAPTER VIII: Publications of Governments, Societies, and Corporate Bodies.
CHAPTER IX: Compound Names. Names with Prefixes. Greek and Roman Names.
CHAPTER X.: First Name Entry.
CHAPTER XI: Noblemen. Oriental Names.
CHAPTER XII: Pseudonyms. Married Women.
CHAPTER XIII: The Bible and other Sacred Books. Newspapers, &c.
CHAPTER XIV: Miscellaneous.
CHAPTER XV: The Printing of Catalogues.

APPENDIX A. The Correction of Printer’s Proof
B. A List of Contractions
C. A List of Pseudonyms with the Real Names

This book is part of the series titled, Encyclopaedia of Library Curriculum, prepared under the auspices of the American Library Association (ALA) has been now re-issued, which includes the following volumes:
A Library Primer
Dana, J. C.
A Library Primer for High Schools
Severance, H. O.
A Primer of Library Practice for Junior Assistants
Roebuck & Thorne
Library and Adult Education.
Report of a Study Made by the American Library Association
Library Cataloguing.
Quinn, J. H.
Library Service for Children
Powe, E. L.
Library Technique
Elliot, C. A.
Readings in Library Methods
Arnett & Arnett
The Library and Its Organization
Articles and Addresses
The Library and Society.
Reprints of Papers and Addresses
Bostwick, A.E.
The Library Without the Walls.
Edited, Selected and Annotated by
Bostwick, A.E. & Janzow, L.M. 2 Volumes

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