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Lakshmidevi Temple at Dodda Gaddavalli


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ISBN : 8170205425


Author : R. Narasimhachar


Pages : 15 pp; 14 Plates


Year of Publishing : 1982


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The Lakshmidevi Temple at Dodda Gaddavalli is a typical example of the Hoysala style of architecture. It is quadruple, i.e. has four cells and is the form. From an inscription in the temple, this is learnt that during the rule of Hoysala King Vishnuvardhna, the great merchant Kvllahana-Rahnta and his wife founded the village Abhinara Kollapura and caused to be erected in it the temple of the goddess Mahalakshmi in A.D. 1113. It is thus one of the earliest temples of the Hoysala style. The name of the architect who built this beautiful temple is given in the inscriptions inside the temple, Malloja Maniyoja. The inscription says that the was resplendent with the creative skills of Visvakarma the architect of the gods.

This temple at Dodda (the big) Gaddavalli was taken much pride in announcing the release of this volume which is a part of the series in the “Architecture and Sculpture in Mysore.” This should prove to be a great source of knowledge of the architects and archaeologist and much interest for the tourists visiting this beautiful part of India.

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