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Kumàrasambhava of Kalidasa

The Commentary (The Sanjivini) of Mallinath (1-7 Sargas) and of Sitarama (8-17 Sargas)


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ISBN : 8177559885


Author : V. K. S. Pansikar


Pages : 340 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Cosmo Publications are pleased to announce the launching of this series incorporating Classics in the Sanskrit language. A Classic in any subject may fit one or several definitions. It may be a remarkable collection of material that can never be superseded, since it records phenomena that have since vanished. Or, it may be the mirroring of a great mind, a successions of insights that are still valid or thought-provoking. A classic may also be a printed embodiment, in clear and basic form, of an influential school of thought.

Most of all, a Classic may be a document from the past that is still valid and as useful today as when it was written, or even more so. There are books that have come to acquire stature which is almost legendry. No excursion in the study of the subject can be complete with out the ready availability of these Classics. A major governing factor for the launching of this collection is the consideration that most of the titles included now, or to be published in the future, are impossibly rare. While a few exist in private hands or a few select libraries with hone or very restricted access to the originals. Most of the titles included were published in very limited editions in 18th, 19th, or early 20th century. The libraries apart, scholars, researchers, teachers, students, and ordinary readers alike will be delighted with the publication of this collection. On the back flap are listed some off the tiles included in the series.

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