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Kumaon Hills

History, Geography and Anthropology with Reference to Garhwal and Nepal


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ISBN : 8170201993


Author : E. T. Atkinson


Pages : 462 pp


Year of Publishing : 1980


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

A comprehensive history of the Kumaon and its geography, anthropology and ethnology is fairly unknown and the learned author has made an effort to piece together all the facts from the writings of ancient Hindu scriptures, Buddhist chronological and writings of Latin, Greek and Sanskrit scholars, to give us a fairly good account of this most important region of the Himalayas. Pursuing the Khasiyas wherever they have been named by these writers, with all the illusions to the Himalayas and the sacred world famed shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath, we have a fairly connected history of the people and the country of the Kumaon hills. The local inscriptions and the records of the neighboring country of Nepal fill up many a gap. Thus the present book is an account of Kumaon from the earliest antiquity to recent times, and surprisingly the only one of its kind on the social and cultural history of this extremely important and interesting region of the country. It is hoped that the book will be an inspiration to the historians, anthropologists and students of this Himalayan region.

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