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Kinship: Contemporary Perspectives


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ISBN : 8170208017


Author : S. M. Channa


Pages : 376 pp


Year of Publishing : 1998


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

• Adoption and Kinship in Oceania.
• Definitions of Kin
• The Descent of Rights and the Descent of Persons.
• The Illusion of Nath Agnation.
• Kinship and Mode of Production.
• Kinship Term Grammar: A Review.
• Levirate and Sororate and the Terminological Classification of Uncles, Aunts, and Siblings’ Children.
• Markedness in Systems of Kin Classification.
• Tallensi Kinship or the Rationalism of British Anthropology.
• Unpacking Hopi “Clans”: Another Vintage Model Out of Africa?
• Where Have All their Lineages Gone? Cattle and Descent among the Nuer.

Joan B. Silk • Ian Keen • Herold Scheffler • Aidan Southall • Janet Siskind • C.H. Borland • A. E. M. J. Pans • H. W. Scheffler • Michel Verdon • Peter M. Whiteley.

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