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King and Cobbler

A Romance of Ancient Persia


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ISBN : 9781619521599


Author : A. C. Burdick


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Impact Global Publishing Inc. USA

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This book is about a Romance in Ancient Persia, translated to English by Austin C. Burdick from the original Persian. The book is part of the series, titled “Library of Great Persian Literature,” which makes available a curated collection of great books in Persian Literature, some of them translated into the English language for the first time.

The pioneering work, including some of the representative writings of the Persians, is a showcase of the literary genius of the Persian language, its Culture and its Heritage.

Other Volumes in the Series include:
The Bagh O Bahar
Or, The Garden and the Spring
Being the Adventures of King Azad Bakht
and the Four Darweshes
Eastwick, E. B.

Bakhtyar Nama.
A Persian Romance.
Ouseley, W.

The Beharistan. (Abode of Spring)
A Literal Translation from the Persian By Jami

Chahar Maqala. (“Four Discourses”)
Of Nizami-I-’ Arudi of Samarqand
Revised Translation
Followed by an Abridged Translation of
Mirza Muhammad’s Notes to the Persian Text
Browne, E. G.

Classical Persian Literature
Arberry, A. J.

The Diwan of Zeb-Un-Nissa
The First Fifty Ghazals Rendered From the Persian
Lal, M. & Westbrook, J. D.

The Garden of Fragrance
Being a Complete Translation of the
Bostan of Sadi
From the Original Persian into English Verse
Davie, G. S.

Gulzar; Or, The Rose-Bower. A Tale of Persia
Reid, J. S.

Laili and Majnun
A Poem from the Original Persian of Nizami
Atkinson, J.

Mariam. A Romance of Persia
Wilson, S. G.

Odes, from the Divan of Hafiz.
Freely rendered from Literal Translated
Le Gallienne, R.

Omar. The Tentmaker
A Romance of Old Persian
Dole, N. H.

Persian Tales
Written Down for the First Time in the Original
Kermani and Bakhtiari and Translated by
Lorimer, D.L.R. & Lorimer, E.O.

Poems from the Divan of Hafiz
Bell, G. L., Trans.

The Rose Garden of Persia
Costello, L. S.

Salaman and Absal. An Allegory.
Translated from the Persian of Jami
Fitzgerald, E.

Selim. The Nasakchi
A Persian Tale, in Verse
Hetherington, C.

The Shah Nameh of Firdausi
Translated and Abridged in Prose and Verse
Atkinson, J.

The Story of Rustem.
And Other Persian Hero Tales from Firdausi
Renninger, E. D.

Tales of the Persian Genii
Retold by Frances J. Olcott

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Warner, A.G. & Warner, E.
2800pp.; Illus. 2012, 2014

Firdausi, spent over thirty laborious years in its composition. His work by general consent is accounted to be one of the few great epics of the world. In its own land it has no peer, while in construction and subject-matter it is unique the Shahnama is a storehouse of rich and abundant material. To set forth a complete presentment of it with the needful notes and elucidations is the object of the present translation, made from two of the best printed texts of the original – that of Vullers and Landauer, and that of Turner Macan.”

Extract from the write up by the original publishers, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co.

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