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Hymns to the Goddesses and Hymns to Kali. Original Text with an Introduction and Commentary. Text, with Introduction by Vimalànanda Swàmì. Translated by and with Notes of Arthur Avalon. The famous Hymn to Kali by Mahàkàla. Text, with Introduction and Commentary containing the Esoteric Interpretation of the Hymn


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ISBN : 8177557327


Author : V. Swami


Pages : 120 pp


Year of Publishing : 2003


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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The celebrated Kaula Stotra “Lord of Hymns”, which is now translated from the Sanskrit for the first time, is attributed to Mahakala Himself. One of the chief features of the Stotra is that it gives the mantroddhara of the Shri Shri Dakshina Kalika. It not only gives the Dhyana, Yantra, Sadhana and Svarupa-varnana of the Mahadevi, but it also contains the Chief Mantras of Dakshina-Kalika. In order that the Hymn may be understood in its various aspects Arthur Avalon has extensive Notes and explanations in respect of its gross meaning. This is followed by the invaluable Commentary by Vimala-nanda Swami which provides the subtle or the esoteric meaning, according to the teachings of his revered Guru Maham-aopadhyaya Ramananda Swami Siddhanta-panchanana.

“One cannot do enough homage to the magnificent series of publications which an English savant under the pseudonym of Arthur Avalon has brought into being—a Pleiades of Tantrik works, texts and translations. One of the most inaccessible schools of Indian speculation has thus, thanks to him, been fruitfully explored”. – Revue Philosophique. (Paris.)

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