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A Study of an Eastern Himalayan Tribe


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ISBN : 8170202124


Author : S. Endle


Pages : 182 pp


Year of Publishing : 1975


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

“The book is, primarily, a monograph treating that branch of the Kachari race which lives in the scattered hamlets along the foot hills of the Himalayas in North Bengal and Assam where they are also known as “Meches”. Their own name for their race is “Boro” or Bodo. The Kachari’s are one of the most important tribes inhabiting the Eastern hills of India. The author, who lived among these people and worked for them his whole life, has given us very interesting and absorving account of this most fascinating tribe. He has traced out the origin of this tribe and makes a detail study of social and domestic life which has been a riddle for the social anthropologist and ethnologist. Their fascinating customs, local laws and religious traditions and superstitions are dealt with in detail by the learned author. The value of the book is further enhanced with a grammar of the Kachari language, which is included in this book and is not found anywhere else and should be of much interest to the linguistic too. The book also has specimens of the Bodo language and an appendix detailing tribes closely allied to the Kacharis. The book is fully illustrated with sixteen photographs showing the diverse life of the Kacharis and a large map showing the areas this tribe inhabit. To enhance the ethnological value of this book, the editorial notes are provided from the pen of the famous ethnologist Col. P. R. T. Gurdon, the author of our other famous publication, named “The Khasis” which is also available in this series.

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