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International Library of Sociology


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ISBN : 9788130712864


Volumes : Releasing in First Phase in 15 Volumes


Author : T. P. Giddings


Pages : 5000 pp


Year of Publishing : 2012


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Cosmo Publications are pleased to announce the launch of this major reference series incorporating Classics in Sociology. It is a remarkable collection of material that can never be superseded, mirroring the works of great minds and founders of many sub-disciplines in the field, and is a succession of insights that are still valid or thought-provoking. There are included in the Series books that have come to acquire stature which is almost legendary. No excursion in the study of the subject can be complete without the ready availability of these major works.
The governing factor for the launching of this collection is the consideration that most of the titles included now, or to be published in the future, are impossibly rare. While a few exist in private or a few select libraries with none or very restricted access to the originals. Most of the titles included were published in very limited editions. The libraries apart, scholars, researchers, teachers, students, and ordinary readers alike will be delighted with the publication of this collection. The Series is designed in a manner so as to serve as the foundation for the study of almost all major themes in Sociology, and include books on –

1. Class, Class and Social Structure
2. Economics and Society
3. Historical Sociology
4. Political Sociology
5. Public Policy, Welfare and Social Work
6. Social Theory and Methodology
7. Sociology of Behavior and Psychology
8. Sociology of Culture
9. Sociology of Gender and Family
10. Sociology of Education
11. Sociology of Religion
12. Sociology of Work and Organisation
13. Sociology of Youth and Adolescence
14. Urban and Regional Sociology

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