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Hypnosis for Beginners


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ISBN : 8129200211


Author : D. Morgan


Pages : 164 pp


Year of Publishing : 2012


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

“ENTERTAINMENT hypnotists love to make hypnosis look dark and mysterious and complicated. They love to pretend that they have special powers that no-one else possesses. I love to make things bright and clear and open, and I do not claim any special powers.”
This Book, as the title suggests, is aimed at beginners – people who would like to learn how hypnosis and hypnotherapy works. It is a step-by-step practical guide, with lots of suggestions for things that you can do. You don’t need hocus-pocus to benefit from hypnosis.
This practical guide-book gives you:
• Clear, down-to-earth explanations of what hypnosis is and how it works.
• How the process of hypnosis works from script-writing to reawakening.
• To undo trauma and “recover” forgotten feelings
• How hypnosis can change addictions and hard-to-change habits
• How to Direct and Control imagination with practical exercises
• How hypnosis can help in setting new goals; manage pain; improve relationships.
HYPNOSIS FOR BEGINNERS will take the mystery out of this useful technique and will help in improving the quality of life.

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