How to Study

and Teaching How to Study


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ISBN : 8177559451


Author : F. M. McMurry


Pages : 324 pp


Year of Publishing : 2006


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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The question, of how to teach children to study, happened to be an issue that drew the attention of F. M. McMURRY, Professor of Elementary Education in Teachers College, Columbia University. He included this topics for discussion with his classes. On his later examination of this problem he was much surprised, both at its difficulty and scope, and also at the extent to which it had been neglected by teach Ever since that time the two questions, How adults should study, and How children should be taught to study, became his chief hobby. The ideas presented in this treatise are partly the result of reading; but since there is a meager quantity of literature bearing on this general theme, they are largely the result of observation, experiment, and discussion with students.

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