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How to Read Human Nature

Reading Inner States and Outer Forms


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ISBN : 9788129202949


Author : William Walker Atkinson


Pages : 200 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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“Human Nature” is a term most frequently used and yet but little understood. The average person knows in a general way what he and others mean when this term is employed, but very few are able to give an off-hand definition of the term or to state what in their opinion constitutes the real essence of the thought expressed by the familiar phrase. We are of the opinion that the first step in the process of correct understanding of any subject is that of acquaintance with its principal terms, and, so, we shall begin our consideration of the subject of Human Nature by an examination of the term used to express the idea itself.
In How to Read Human Nature W. W. Atkinson addresses the various aspects of Human Nature from Inner State and Outer Form to Character, Personality, and Temperaments to facial structure and much more.

Chapter I. Inner State and Outer Form
Chapter II. The Inner Phase: Character
Chapter III. The Outer Form: Personality
Chapter IV. The Temperaments
Chapter V. The Mental Qualities
Chapter VI. The Egoistic Qualities
Chapter VII. The Motive Qualities
Chapter VIII. The Vitative Qualities
Chapter IX. The Emotive Qualities
Chapter X. The Applicative Qualities
Chapter XI. The Modificative Qualities
Chapter XII. The Relative Qualities
Chapter XIII. The Perceptive Qualities
Chapter XIV. The Reflective Qualities
Chapter XV. The Religio-moral Qualities
Chapter XVI. Faces
Chapter XVII. Chins and Mouths
Chapter XVIII. Eyes, Ears, and Noses
Chapter XIX. Miscellaneous Signs

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