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How to Practice Telepathy


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ISBN : 8129201933


Author : William Walker Atkinson


Pages : 124 pp


Year of Publishing : 2007


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

The interest in Telepathy and E. S. P. is rapidly growing once again in both the East and the West. And one cannot ask for a better guide than William Walker Atkinson, so widely known and appreciated for his many books on occult subjects and for the lucidity of his thoughts and clear exposition.
The value of this particular book lies not only in the author’s explanation of Telepathy and its nature, but in the chapters on experimental Telepathy, the clear description of the famous experiments and their results and what they prove.
All those interested in Thought Transference and Mind Reading will find this book of immense interest in furthering their knowledge of the great occult power of telepathic communication.

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