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How to Become an Author

A Practical Guide


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ISBN : 9788130718521


Author : A. Benmnet


Pages : 210 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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The present volume deals with the art and craft of writing. For practical purposes I shall simply cut the whole of literature into two parts, fictional and non-fictional and under the latter head I shall perforce crowd together the sublime and reverend muses of poetry, history, biography, theology, economy-everything, in short, that is not prose-fiction, save only plays; having regard to the extraordinary financial and artistic condition of the stage and the playwright at the dawn of the twentieth century, I propose to discuss the great “How” of the drama in a separate chapter unrelated to the general scheme of the book. As for journalism, though a journalist is not usually held to rank as an author, it is a fact that very many, if not most, authors begin by being journalists. Accordingly, I shall begin with the subject of journalism.
More writers are engaged in fiction than in any other branch of literature, and their remuneration is better and perhaps surer than can be obtained in other literary markets. In esteem, influence, renown, and notoriety the novelists are also paramount. Therefore, the author has dealt with this particular aspect of writing in greater detail.
A “must have” book if you are entertaining thoughts of starting to write.

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