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How to Argue Successfully

An Exposition of the Principles and Methods of Argument


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ISBN : 8129201488


Author : W. Machpherson


Pages : 116 pp


Year of Publishing : 2007


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

Press Notices

“An extremely valuable little book.”

“not only useful for all speakers and writers, but is worth of study by all who read and listen, for it will enable them to form a correct estimate of the worth of arguments of others and to guard against being imposed upon by superficial and false reasoning. Especially do we recommend it to Debating Societies.”

“A concise, skilful and popular summery provides simple instruction in the methods of deduction and induction, about fallacies, refutation, and the arrangement of arguments cannot but prove most helpful and suggestive.”

“This excellent and helpful book should be in the hands of everyone who essay to speak in public or who in private conference realizes the difficulty of arguing successfully.”

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