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How They Succeeded

Life Stories of Successful Men as told by Themselves 3rd Edition


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ISBN : 9788129202888


Author : Marden, O.S.


Pages : 340 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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The great interest manifested by the life-stories of successful men and women, which have been published from time to time ? all contain the elements that made men and women successful; and they are intended to show that character, energy, and an indomitable ambition will succeed in the world, and that in this land, where all men are born equal and have an equal chance in life, there is no reason for despair. I believe that the ideal book for youth should deal with concrete examples; for that which is taken from real life is far more effective than that which is culled from fancy Character-building, its uplifting, energizing force, has been made the basic principle of this work.

These are not third-person accounts or culled experiences of people who succeeded in some field, but are stories that come directly from the successful men and women themselves as recounted to the author. These stories are practical indicators to how these great people succeeded in their chosen field.

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