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How Success is Won

7th Edition


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ISBN : 9788129202871


Author : S. K. Bolton


Pages : 240 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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The book some practical hints to those striving for the rich rewards In store for the leaders In the strenuous race For success.

Chapter I.
The Primary Essentials of Success — Physical Vigor and Strong Nerves the Broad Foundation — Self-Mastery Life’s Greatest Victory — A Definite Object in Life Essential to Success — He Who Depends on Luck Is Doomed to Failure — The Average Man Fails Pitifully

Chapter II.
Face Life as a Battle, for This Age is Strenuous and More Courage Is Required than in the Fiercest Wars — Don’t be a Sulker — Victory Is Only for the Brave, Strong and Resolute

Chapter III.
The True Dignity of Labor — Temperate and Congenial Work Should Be Play — Inactivity and Death Are Companions — Laziness Easily Cultivated — Drones Are Always Ciphers — The Highest Development of Human Life Is Acquired Through Temperate Activity

Chapter IV.
Alcoholic Beverages One of the Greatest Foes to Success — The “Good Fellow” Always a Failure — He Is an ‘‘Easy Mark” — Too Much “Kindness of Heart” Dulls the Instinct of Self-Protection — Bussell Sage’s
Advice on Success — He Believes in Total Abstinence and Intense Concentration — A Remarkable Example of the Results of Tin- swerving Purposes

Chapter V.
Love of Your Work Essential to Success — Persistence, Determination, Attention to Detail, All Depend on This — Remarkable Success of the Farmer’s Son, James B. Duke — Life Like the Games We Play in Youth — If Engaged in an Uninteresting Occupation, Quickly Change

Chapter VI.
Life What We Make It — Happy Spirit Adds to Chances of Success — A Hearty Laugh Increases Functional Power — Don’t Be a Dignified Fool — Dignity Induces Stiff Joints, Rheumatic Twinges and Premature Senility

Chapter VII.
Unswerving Integrity Essential to Success — Honesty Pays as a Business Investment — “Do Others Before They Do You” a Bad Maxim — Occasional Rewards Hay Come from Dishonesty, but They Always Make Ultimate Failure More Certain and More Pitiful

Chapter VIII.
Jack of All Trades Master of None — Highest Type of Ability Comes With Concentration — Specialists in Any Branch Always Command the Highest Remuneration — Concentrate Your Efforts — Interesting Work and a Definite Aim Necessary to Intense Concentration

Chapter IX.
Lack of Self-Confidence a Bar to Success — Self-Conceit and Self-Confidence Discussed — Don’t Be a “”Cheap Man” — and Don’t Exaggerate Your Worth — How to Estimate Your Worth on a Salary

Chapter X.
Time Wasted in Envy a Bar to Success — The Envious Fool Stands In His Own Light — Envy and Hatred Are Poisons That Should Be Stamped Out of Your Character — Tear Down the Walls of Prejudice and Stand Out a Free Man

Chapter XI.
Some Plain Truths About Education — Helpless College Graduates — Education That Depends Upon Memory Without Reasoning Is Nothing But “”Readucation” — Have a Mind of Your Own, Search for the Truth, and Don’t Depend Too Much on Books — Practical Experience in the School of “”Hard Knocks” the World’s Greatest Teacher

Chapter XII.
Machine-Made Intellects Can Develop Little Capacity for Success — Mental Slavery an Unsurmountable Barrier — Search for the Truth and Don’t Be a Human Sheep

Chapter XIII.
Do Not Expect Gratitude — You Perform Admirable Deeds Because They Give You Pleasure — Do Not Allow the Ingratitude of Narrow Souls to Worry You or Mar Your Success

Chapter XIV.
Alcohol, Tobacco, Over-eating and Sexual Excesses the Principal Cause of Failures and Oppression — Only Weaklings “Get Drunk” to Drown Their Trouble

Chapter XV.
How Prolonged Misery Bars the Way to Success — Strive to Forget All Woes and Calamities — Cultivate Happiness — Crush Sorrow

Chapter XVI.
No Success for the Coward — This World Is Already Too Full of Mental and Physical Weaklings — No Middle Ground Between Courage and Cowardice — Throw Aside Superstition — Don’t Be Afraid of Mysteries.

Chapter XVII.
Suffering Is After All an Educator — It Can Be Made a Stepping-Stone to a Greater and a Nobler Life — Don’t Allow Difficulties to Overcome You — It Is By Conquering Difficulties That Superior Men Are Developed

Chapter XVIII.
The Mad, Wasteful Chase After Millions Cannot Lead to True Success or Give Happiness — Where the Acquirement of Financial Wealth Is the Sole Ambition, Life Is Always a Failure

Chapter XIX.
Wealth Does Not Necessarily Bring Permanent Pecuniary Independence — Money That Comes Without Effort Is Not Appreciated and Often Wrecks Man’s Highest Characteristics — Inherited Wealth a Grave Danger — Like Powder in the Hands of a Novice It is Liable to Lead to Ruin

Chapter XX.
The Sharp Man Is Not a Success — He Is Too Sharp, and Overreaches Himself As Well As Others — Even His Employers and Associates Share the General Distrust of Him — The Sharp Man’s Entire Time Is Spent in Acquiring Knowledge That Is Useful Only to Take Advantage of His Fellows

Chapter XXI.
Overworked Employees Barely Succeed — Do That which You Can Do Well — Clock-watchers and Grumblers Are Miserable Failures — Strive for the Ability to Do Tour Work Without Supervision — A Plain Talk to Those Working for Wages

Chapter XXII.
The Value of Having a Specialty in Your Line of Work — Don’t Be Satisfied with Being Merely an All-around Man — It Is the Man Who Knows More About One Especial Branch of His Subject Than Anyone Else Does That Gets Ahead Rapidly

Chapter XXIII.
Healthful Recreation a Great Aid to Success — The False Kind and the Real — Recruit Tour Energies by Refreshing Enjoyment of Well-Earned Leisure

Chapter XXIV.
Personal Appearance a Vital Factor in Success — Inestimable Value of a Healthy Physical Appearance — Pale-faced, Decrepit, Illy-Nourished People Excite Natural Repulsion — Personal Magnetism the Result of Abundant Health and Physical Virility — Neglect of Personal Hygiene a Bar to Success

Chapter XXV.
To Attain Greatest Success Body and Mind Must Be Kept in Perfect Condition — We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made — The Living Body a Delicately Constructed, Marvelous Machine —Every Part Must Be in Perfect Working Order to Attain Highest Results — Close Relation Between Body and Mind— Proper Food and Drink Assumes Great Importance

Chapter XXVI.
Definitions of Success Vary Greatly — The Fool’s Scheme of Success — Life’s Truest Success Is Marked By the Development of Strong, Beautiful Children — The Value of Money Recognized — Money to Be Used as a Tool— It Should Not Be Mistaken as Life’s Sole Object— The True Goal Attained

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