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Horace Mann Kindergarten For Five-Year-Old Children


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ISBN : 9788130706342


Author : C. G. Garrison


Pages : 158 pp


Year of Publishing : 2008


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

This curriculum study for five-year-old Kindergarten children is the direct outgrowth of the research and demonstration which has characterized the Horace Mann School for many yea It presents experimental procedures tested by highly trained teachers, the test being always the degree to which the new practice meets the nature and needs of young children.The Horace Mann Kindergarten has a history of more than fifty years of teaching and experimentation. It was founded during an epoch-making period in Kindergarten education, and at first served the purpose both of an experimental school and of a demonstration school. Gradually a new, more scientific type of research found its way into the nursery school and Kindergarten as into all other branches of education. Thus the findings and conclusions as to Kindergarten content and technique which the authors of this volume present are based upon studies of hundreds of little children, made by highly trained classroom teachers observing, participating in, and directing the activities of everyday life in the familiar surroundings of the classroom and the playground.

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