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History of Education in India


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ISBN : 8170204941


Author : B. D. Basu


Pages : 265 pp


Year of Publishing : 1989


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The History of Education in India under the British rule has yet to be properly written. B.D. Basu takes up the period during which the system of Western education was adopted in India. The author lays stress on three important facts, i.e. India was not an illiterate country in the pre-British period, for every village had its own school. The Britisher took a century and half to adopt the western education system, for originally they were averse to imparting western education to Indians. They did so ultimately because it was for their benefit, for the Indian themselves were introducing western education. This is indeed a though provoking book, it demolishes many of the cherished views on this subject. Educationists, historians of education and others researching on education shall find this book to be a very valuable source book.

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