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History of Anthropology


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ISBN : 8177558668


Author : A. C. Haddon


Pages : 160 pp


Year of Publishing : 2003


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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In reissuing the second edition of this very famous work, the publishers are fulfilling a long standing demand from the students and scholars of Anthropology. This edition went out of print as soon as it appeared and has since then remained a much sought after reader confirming the reputation of Alfred C. Haddon as a leading figures in the development of the subject. It is evident in reading this book that it was written by one who had made himself a master of various branches of Anthropology and had pondered over its problems. It is true that in all the subjects dealt with there have been many, and in some cases profound, additions to our knowledge. This is a book nobody studying the nature of man, his thought and activity, in whichever way, can afford to be without.

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