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Hindu Tribes and Castes

As Represented in Benaras. Together with an Account of the Mohammedan Tribes of the North-West. Frontier and of the Aboriginal Tribes of the Central Provinces. Together with Three Dissertations on the Natural History of Hindu Caste. The Unity of the Hindu Race, and the Prospects of Indian Caste.


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ISBN : 8170205506


Volumes : Set in 3 Volumes


Author : M. A. Sherring


Pages : 1042 pp


Year of Publishing : 1974


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Mr. Sherring’s monumental work on Hindu Tribes and Castes is extremely systematic and clearly arranged. Every Caste, from the highest Brahman to the lowest classes of aborigines and outcaste is reviewed in much detail. This is the first attempt, we believe, to give anything like a general survey of the Caste system as it exists in the whole of India. The author has well studied the subject, and he write clearly and with depth. This monumental work which is in three volumes is a masterpiece in the field of social anthropology.

Though interspersed with speculations on the social, political and religious aspects of Caste, the work is, in the main, purely statistical, and well deserves the attention not only of persons specially interested in India, but of every student of contemporary society and anthropology. Mr. Sherring gives the pedigrees of the Castes, tracing them to whence they sprang, and shows what they now remain. It is a blunt, honest, manly work, blinking no convictions, sacrificing nothing of principle, and evincing not only clear thought with respect to the rites and customs of the immense Hindu race of India, but also the same kindly sympathy manifest in other of Mr. Sherring’s writings, a wish to urge the people of India to a higher destiny among nations, and a higher position individually in their relation to other men. The whole work is a most useful contribution to the study of Indian Caste system and the most complete catalogue of the Indian Castes and Tribes known so far.

The author’s style is throughout glowing and picturesque, his descriptions are vivid and powerful. The book, as a whole, is a valuable contribution to our literature, and affords much information regarding some of the most extraordinary races of the Aryan family.

Students of Anthropology, Sociology, Indian History and comparative religion will find this book a much needed source of knowledge and information on the subject. The publishers feel pleasure in issuing this fourth study under The Native Races of India. The aim is to continue an active and diverse publishing programme in this area of study.

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